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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Typo ~

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typo .

haha..everybody does it right? well , maybe not for the person that always be careful on typing.. >.< 

typo or mispelled is something that is common in this millenium days.. 
sometimes , people will get stressed with it..
this is totally undoubt ! haha .. 
why ?
well , if u were in such a hurry state.. u wanna type 2x faster than usual , this common error will happend all the time .. again and again and u r tired to backspaced it ... right ? don't lie cuz i do felt the same. 
imagine .
you wanna reply something to your peer .. 
and then u mispelled something that have meaning but , a real different meaning that can make u feel shame with it.. 
well , some android use auto-correct ..
what if , u wanna type I Hate You , but it turns I Love You ? and u sent it to a boy ? ghaaaa.. what a shameful thing in life .. haha.. i've experienced that once , but fortunately with my nephew .. at least i can cover myself , right ?

being a Queen of Typo is something that is not funny . 
haha.. well , some person take it as a fun thing , but some don't ..
as for me ,  i just open my mind and just accept it ..
haha.. i do admit my careless .. too fast on typing huh ? 
but, nevermind .. nothing serious about it.. 
just .. take it easy ..ok  ? 

but , please .. 
mind your spelling .. haha..
cuz sometimes it comes in different meaning ..
that maybe , shame urself .. or 
perhaps , shame the others ... i just dunno how to tell..
just be careful k ? noted to myself too..
i'm a little bit careless on typing... 
especially if i wanna type HAHAHA in my phone keypad , but it turns HAJAJAHA or JAJAJAJA or else .. haha.. ignore it. my excuses ? well .. i'll just said that .. its not me .. its the keypad that too small that i often touch the other word ... n blablablaa.. ok forget it..

thats all i guess.. 
just wanna share my thought . haha..
so long ! =)

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