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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Buddy ~

assalamualaikum ..

today i wanna share something that not-so-interesting for ya , but .. meaningful for me . shall we begin ? 

i have a friend , i mean bestfriend .. nononono .. its more than that . haha ^_^
wait ! don't misunderstand.. hmm.. he is my bestbuddy ! in Malay , we call it KACIP . I know , Girl and Boy CANNOT be a friend at all bcuz , one of them will fall for another accidentally , heh ? in fact , where is the ikhtilat ? right ?
but , yeah ! i am also a normal people.. also a human being .. doing mistakes again n again .. i'm not making excusessssss but thats the fact ! i am trying to be a better muslimah ... but sometimes , few things we can't forced it .. right? we must step by step to less it . ok done with the opening . 

let me introduce you with my buddy .

Name : Z******
Age : 17 years old (2015)
School : Smk Dato' Mahmud Mat
Height : 170++ cm
Weight : like a care ?
Title : School Prefect 
#Spectacled !

ok , that is a very simple portfolio of him .
u don't have to know much .. hohoho !

ok , hmmm .. how come he can be my "bestbuddy" ? 
ok .. here .. 

He is a very supporting person i ever met . He listened me well , he made my day .. He cheer me up whenever i'm sad , He cared a lot about me , he made jokes when i'm bored , he tackled me with his flowery sentencess , he never take easy with me , yet ! , he clever than me , he have same interest with me (well , just a few) which is Chess , Debate . haha.. thats all i get ..ouh .. he also my broken-english partner .. haha.. 

hmm .. is that all ? erk .. nope .. there's a lot actually ..
but i dunno how to describe it.. but , please my dear readers .. 
don't get me wrong.. we are just buddyz .. will not fall in love to one another .. hopefully !  because , i just can't .. i cannot take this to the love-things .
but , if we do .. erm.. haha... *speechless* 

he is the person that have too much curiousity in mind .. 
though he is taller than me , but he never jokes me around bcuz i am shorter .. i mean, yeah ! really short than him . whenever he talk to somebody , he will look deep into their eyes .. well , for the girls .. control your butterflies in your stomach cuz u may melt with his gaze.. haha .. u have been warned ! well , same with me , but .. i cannot do that to boysss.. haha.. just worried that i might lose control , cehhh ! 

he know my secret.. i mean ... 65% of my secret is in his pocket ..
ooppss ! why did i told him my secret that easy ? well said , i trust him . 
i am not the person that bluffing n nagging here and there.. post to fb , post to twitter n extra-ii .. i always keep my secret , n my thought from others but not him .. haha.. not because he such a sweet talker . no ! it just bcuz i do trust him .. so far , he not betray me , yet! so , as long as he stay still , i will put my trust on him . i will made him suffer cuz be my buddy .. haha.. 

moments that i can't forget when i was with him , hmm.. there's a lot actually , 
but.. i'll just mention this..
the moment when i was participated in debate competition .
he gave me spirit.. eh ? haha.. well , u know right , when we're nervous , i mean really nervous .. if anyone give u a smile or maybe a paper written on it "ALL THE BEST" or "GOODLUCK " that will make us relaxed a bit , right ? so he does the same thing to me .. and i do really appreciate it cuz he make me feel more relax n less tense .. haha.. there's another , but .. let just keep it mystery .. haha..
mystery lha sgdd.. 

oh yeah , i'm not sure if he still single or taken already ..
but , i would like to give him er..ermm..few compliment, erk ? haha..

what a lucky girl to have him ..

  • he is romantic in his own way
  • he is caring
  • he is loving
  • he is humorous
  • he is a good-listener
  • he is kind
  • he can make u mind blowing
  • he can be a punching bag , eh ? haha.. i don't think so.. 
  • his gaze , is wonderful
  • sometimes he hide his sadness
  • he love to make the one he love happy 
  • he keep his promise 
  • he is trustworthy 
  • he is a sweet talker ! haha ..
  • he can make someone to fall in love with him easily but also hate him easily..
  • he can be your math teacher ^_^
  • and bla bla.. 

wow ! thats a lot actually huh ? haha.. nevermind .. not all the time a praised him a lot .. 
in this oppurtinity also , i would like to thanked him cuz willing to be my buddy .. always be there whenever i need someone to share my problem with .. and often made my day .. i really love this friendship .. i really put my trust on you .. just , please don't take it easy .. ok ? ^_^ hope this bond will last forever , inshaAllah.. 

oh , for u , if u read this..
 you're lucky cuz i'm not so close with boysssss.. and u know that too.. well , u're just lucky that i wanna make u as my bestbuddy ! haha.. keep it up ! one thing for sure .. please don't take serious in any bad words that come from my mouth or typed by me cuz sometimes .. i really don't mean it eventhough i told u that i meant it .. u know girls right ? complicated . haha.. 

every picture has their own story ..
moments that will be a memory
either sweet or not .. 
let it be a sweet memory to remeber =)

well , thats all i guess .. 
enjoy ur reading . n farewell .. :)

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